Welcome to the Family – Community to Church Attender

The Life Journey begins with Welcome to the Family. Our desire is to warmly welcome each guest so that they feel accepted and at home here at WorshipCentre. They are invited to our complementary Welcome to the Family brunch, held on the first Sunday of the month immediately following the Sunday 9:30am service.

They are a Church Attender if:

  1. They have been to a Welcome to the Family Brunch
  2. They would call WorshipCentre ‘their church’ (ie if needing counselling, marriage, funeral etc, they would approach WorshipCentre).
  3. They have begun their journey as a new Christian and are being mentored through The First 30 Days.

A guest to WorshipCentre receives the invitation in the Welcome Pack (before/after the service), from their friends or their mentor. As many pastors who are able, attend this function as it is a chance for new people to ask questions, make connections and for pastors to informally get to know those who are now attending WorshipCentre.

The formal part of the brunch is the official welcome from the Welcome to the Family Pastor and Lead Pastor. The guests receive a glimpse into the life of WorshipCentre, are made aware of the discipleship pathway within the Life Journey and are introduced to the pastors that are present. It is a policy of the pastors to offer prayer at this brunch and to endeavour to get to know as many of the guests as possible.

Everyone is invited to register and attend the Join the Family introduction the following Sunday (second Sunday of the month).

The main emphasis of Welcome to the Family is that everyone attending the brunch is comes away knowing that:

  • They are Accepted and valued for who they are.
  • They have Access to the programs and resources of the WorshipCentre.
  • There is no pressure on them and that they should feel free to discover whether God is calling them to be a part of WorshipCentre or not.
  • They are not loved or appreciated any less as a Church Attender than those that regularly serve and give to the WorshipCentre.

This session goes for approximately an hour.

The First 30 Days Devotional 2016