21 days devotional 2017 (Click on this link to download)

This 21 day prayer and fasting devotional booklet has been based on the Prophetic Messages that Faylene Sparkes delivered to WorshipCentre on Sunday 1st January 2017. 2017 is a year of divine acceleration, a year of going deeper into God. The following page has Faylene’s prophetic prayers over the church from both services.

Are you ready for what God has prepared for this year? This devotional will help prepare our hearts and minds for where God is taking us as His church for 2017.  We need to be prepared to be transformed so that what God has for us as individuals and collectively at WorshipCentre can be outworked.

We encourage you to use this as a starter or a guide to continue to go deeper. To help you with this devotional a journal would be beneficial for making notes and writing out your answers and prayers. If you need help with this process, please refer to ‘Establish the Family’ in the Life Journey for the R.E.A.P. process for devotions.

This is a guide only, do not feel restricted to only studying these scriptures and praying these words. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you and guide you. Use this as a stepping off platform for you to jump into His presence and into all that God has for you in 2017.

We have the following meeting times allocated for corporate prayer.

Tuesday 24th, 31st Jan., 7th Feb.                 7am – Upper Auditorium

Wednesday 25th Jan., 1st, 8th Feb.              7pm – Main Auditorium

Thursday 2nd, 9th Feb.                                 12 noon – Upper Auditorium

Sunday 29th Jan., 5th, 12th Feb.                  8am – Original Auditorium

Please take a few moments (if you haven’t already) and ask the Lord what you should fast over these 21 days. Fasting helps to remove distractions and allows our focus to be more readily on Him.

2017 is going to be an exciting and amazing year! Let’s start this year together and watch what suddenlies God is doing!


Skip & Leah

Lead Pastors

NB no prayer meeting on Australia Day 26th.