Life Journey: WorshipCentre’s pathway of discipleship. It is how we fulfil our purpose

Represented by the diagram below

Life Journey

The Life Journey

The Life Journey is WorshipCentre’s Purpose Statement in action and is our complete pathway of discipleship. It will take someone from lost to saved, to disciple to mentor and equip them to replicate this with another.

Welcome to the Family is our way of being friendly to people and introducing them to Jesus.

Join the Family is the next step and is the invitation to officially make our attenders feel a part of our Church Family.

Establish the Family is presented to help form biblical principles and shows ways to facilitate the Holy Spirit’s power to do life well.

Build the Family makes sure everyone who engages in the Life Journey can find their place in WorshipCentre.

Extend the Family  encourages and equips people to fulfil their life’s purpose in the world.

At every stage it is all done for the pleasure of God.

The WorshipCentre Life Journey is a process of discipleship that undergirds and is embedded in the culture of WorshipCentre.

At the heart of the culture of WorshipCentre is the directive of Jesus to ‘go and make disciples’ (Mt 28:18-20).  The leadership is in agreement with Ephesians 4:12 and believes it is the responsibility of WorshipCentre leadership to equip believers to do the Lord’s work in order to build up the church – the body of Christ.

The Life Journey is not only our discipleship process, but also our way of connecting people, building relationships and equipping them to grow in their faith and journey with WorshipCentre.

Its structure is:

Foundationally  – ACCEPTANCE

The next block  – BELONG

The next block  – RESPONSIBLE

The next block – STEWARD

The next block – MULTIPLY

It starts and finishes with JESUS.

The Life Journey can be completed individually in that person’s own time and pace. It can be completed as a group in a relational network. It can be completed with a mentor who meets with them each Sunday after the morning service or at an otherwise mutually agreed time and place.

The process consists of completing The First 30 Days, 28 Days of Join the Family, 28 Days of Establish the Family, 28 Days of Build the Family devotionals. These are done with the assistance of a mentor and each devotional builds on the foundations laid in the previous.

The last step of the process is to attend an Extend the Family training day, usually held on a Saturday.



New Christians – The beginning of Discipleship

New Christians come under the umbrella of the Life Journey and are located in Welcome to the Family and regarded by all as Church Attenders.

Process to begin discipleship

There is a designated couple for assisting with salvations in the services. Salvation is the entrance into the New Christians’ process for those who get saved during a service. However, it is recognised that there are many entrances into the New Christians’ process; the main ones being Extend the Family and relational networks.

Relationship-based salvation is a simple discipling process and is carried out by the one who is in relationship with them. Facilitators of relational networks and those who are trained in Extend the Family will know how to take a new Christian through The First 30 Days Devotional and also invite them to a Welcome to the Family brunch.

For those saved in a service some will have been brought by a friend or relative and some will have come in and found God on their own. The couple designated to assist with Salvations takes them to one side and shares scripture and prays with them. They then introduce the New Christians Adviser who explains The First 30 Days Devotional and introduces them to a mentor* (if one is required). Finally, they are given an invitation to the next Welcome to the Family brunch and will be encouraged by their mentor to attend with them.

If they are brought by a friend, the friend is also given The First 30 Days and encouraged to meet regularly with the new Christian.  They too, are given the invitation to the next Welcome to the Family brunch.

Any immediate needs (physical or spiritual) will be addressed by the New Christians Adviser as part of the first steps of salvation.

All new Christians will be:

  • Encouraged to attend church regularly
  • Encouraged to pray, read the Word regularly (daily) (using devotional)
  • Encouraged to tell someone else about their decision as soon as possible.
  • Encouraged to attend the next Welcome to the Family

*A mentor at WorshipCentre is a person who has completed Extend the Family and is equipped with the training resources to disciple a new Christian from The First 30 Days all the way through to Build the Family in the Life Journey.