Join the Family – Church Attender to Church Family

The purpose of Join the Family stage of the Life Journey is to ensure that Church Attenders are invited to belong and feel part of the WorshipCentre family.

Join the Family begins with an introduction session that sets out the purpose of the Life Journey, explaining each stage in summary form and building our vision (We see an ever-increasing family of disciples bringing heaven to earth).

They are also given clear understanding about the 28-Day devotionals and more specifically Join the Family and The First 30 Days.  Ideally everyone should complete The First 30 Days to really appreciate everything that is taught in 28 Days of Join the Family.

It is at the session that it is determined whether the participants should start with The First 30 Days (new to young Christians, ones who have rededicated their lives after a long break, etc) or 28 Days of Join the Family.

Once that has been determined, we assign them to a mentor. We look to make each group around 3-4 people as that is a manageable number for the mentor who voluntarily gives their time to these groups.

To belong to WorshipCentre, there three non-negotiables and each person looking to join the family should have been, or is willing to be:

  • Born again,
  • Baptised in water
  • Baptised in the Holy Spirit

It is at this stage that they are introduced to our:

  • Mission Statement
  • Vision Statement
  • Purpose Statement
  • Faith Statements – What we believe;
  • Flow of Leadership and responsibility



The 28 Days of Join the Family Devotional teaches:

DAY 1 – Invited to Feel Part of Something Bigger

DAY 2 – Owning the Vision

DAY 3 – A Purpose For Life

DAY 4 – Statements of Faith

DAY 5 – Born Again

DAY 6 – Water Baptism

DAY 7  – Baptised in the Holy Spirit

DAY 8 – A Lifestyle of Discipleship

DAY 9- Experiencing God in Everything

DAY 10 – Deliberately Engaging Others

DAY 11 – Embracing Our Church Family

DAY 12 – Exercise a Christ-centred, Spirit-filled life

DAY 13  – A Place to Belong

DAY 14  –  Promise and Commitment

DAY 15 – Fellowship of Grace

DAY 16 – Protecting the Unity of the Church

DAY 17- I Worship

DAY 18 – I Pray

DAY 19  – The Bible

DAY 20 – The Holy Spirit – YOUR INNER PROMPT

DAY 21 – Accept, Respect and Encourage Others

DAY 22 – Making Friends

DAY 23 – Staying Connected with Your Friends who Don’t Yet Know God

DAY 24  – Regularly Attend Worship Services

DAY 25 – Honour Leaders

DAY 26 – Give

DAY 27 – A Helping Hand

DAY 28 – Joining the Family



At the completion of the 28 Days of Join the Family, all those wanting to belong to WorshipCentre sign the Join the Family Promise:



  • a personal relationship with Jesus Christ,
  • been baptised in water,
  • prayed for the filling of the Holy Spirit since accepting Christ

and being in agreement with WorshipCentre’s structure and statements of faith, values, vision and purpose I feel led by the Holy Spirit to become part of the WorshipCentre church family.

With God’s help I am committed to growing as a disciple of Christ and endeavouring to help others do the same by:


ENGAGING others,

EMBRACING our church family and

EXERCISING a Christ-centred, Spirit-filled life

through continuing to:

  1. worship and pray,
  2. read the Bible,
  3. be open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit,
  4. accept, respect and encourage others,
  5. make friends at WorshipCentre,
  6. be connected with those not currently in relationship with Christ,
  7. consistently attend WorshipCentre meetings,
  8. honour leaders,
  9. be generous and
  10. look for opportunities to help at WorshipCentre and in the community.


It is at the signing of the promise that their details are taken (Contact Form) and entered into WorshipCentre database. This involves the taking of a photo for easy identification for those pastors that use the data base.

Areas of serving are suggested to them, as well as joining a relational network and they are asked to complete a feedback form.

Mentors can choose to mentor someone from The First 30 Days right through to the finish of Build the Family. In fact, we would prefer this to be the case.

However, mentors can also choose to locate themselves in one stage of the Life Journey. A week before the finish of 28 Days of Join the Family, the group/participants are introduced to the new mentor if necessary.

At the final mentoring session, they released through prayer and then handed on to that new mentor.

All forms are collected for processing.

28 Days of Join the Family 2016