Extend the Family – Core to Co-missioned

This is the final stage of the Life Journey and its purpose is to ‘equip the saints for the work of ministry’ and the call of the Great Commission to fulfil their life’s purpose in the world.

Extend the Family is run at designated times throughout the year. The minimum amount of times would be two. However, it can be presented as a one-day seminar or a relational network over 6-8 weeks. Running relational networks means Extend the Family can be run quite a few times.

To be able to complete Extend the Family, an application form must be lodged and the application accepted.  Only people who have completed and signed off on ALL stages of the Life Journey are eligible to apply for Extend the Family.

The mission statement of WorshipCentre is:

WC = [E4D]2.  Until Extend the Family people have only looked at E4D. Extend the Family is the ‘squared’ part of our mission statement.

In the teaching of Extend the Family, multiplication is the main focus.

The way to fulfil the squared in WC = [E4D]2 is to multiply. It is not to add but to reproduce another of the same.

Disciples multiply by:

Mirroring Jesus (reflecting a Christ-like life within our own world)

Mission (intentionally going outside our own world to show and tell, here and there to share the love
of Jesus)

Mentoring (walking with someone to create a new disciple who will then go on to make disciples)

Mantle (imparted permission to ‘Get Out’)

A significant part of Extend the Family is the Map. It is a treasure with 10 areas to help people multiply themselves. Each spot on the map receives a sticker when they have completed the task. When all the stickers are gathered, the person receives a specially made Life Journey Coin.

This map indicates that the person has discipled someone from The First 30 Days all the way to Build the Family and Extend the Family and they in turn are now discipling someone through The First 30 Days.