We love AGCook_Pastors_001to work in the mission field, and it is particularly our heart to help pastors become self-sufficient so that they can fund the work God has called them to in their towns or villages.  All of us are called to represent Jesus in the world, showing others His love, then telling them how they can have a relationship with Him.  You can do missions work in other nations, or in your own home town through RE, sewing for those going through hard times or in other ways.  We would love you to join with us.

– Andrew & Gail Cook

We love helping people wherever there is a need that we are able to fill.  From our local community through to villages on the other side of the world, we give practical assistance and emotional support to those who suffer hardship.

Some of our projects include:

Supporting orphans in China and Latvia

Rescuing children from the sex-slave industry

Clothing stillborn babies with dignity

Assisting government-level policy formation

Prison chaplaincy

Assisting outback Australia farming families

Disaster relief

Self-sufficiency projects in Thailand, Fiji and Cambodia.

It is both our passion and our joy to reach out to others in this way.Extend