Marc Ilgen

Marc and Megan IlgenPs Marc Ilgen speaking here on Sunday 28th August, 2016 at both our 9:30am & 6pm services.

Ps Marc and Megan Ilgen have been pastoring Good Hope Christian Centre (GHCC) Bellville for the last 17 years. They started in a school hall with approx 80 people and have since then grown to a congregation of approx 700 people. They are currently situated in a beautiful 450 seater building which also has a separate hall that can accommodate 250 people.

However attractive and appealing the GHCC Bellville church may be from the outside it does not compare to what people have found on the inside. Ps Marc, having studied and received a qualification in marketing and sales is passionate about the presence of God and communicating the gospel in ways that will have people remembering the sermon long after it was heard. Unique, dramatic, illustrative sermons have touched many people’s hearts and the power of God has been frequently evidenced in blind eyes receiving sight, deaf ears hearing and other physical, emotional and even marital problems being supernaturally healed. Ps Megan, who worked as a fashion designer in the clothing industry for several years has encouraged many with a clear and accurate prophetic word. Her knowledgeable insight of the word and her ability to simplify and practically teach the word has enabled families and individuals to grow steadily in their Christian faith.