Establish the Family – Church Family to Committed

The purpose of Establish the Family is to ensure WorshipCentre Church Family form biblical principles in their life and know and understand how to facilitate the Holy Spirit’s power to do life well.

People who are eligible to do the 28 Days of Establish the Family Devotional have completed the 28 Days of Join the Family, belong to the WorshipCentre Church Family and want to be known as one of the Committed to WorshipCentre.

The participants are taught the three ‘R’s of Responsibility:

  • Receiving from God daily (balanced by implementing S.T.E.W. (Scripture, Teaching, Experience and Wisdom)
  • Resourcing the Church Family (through their time, talent, treasure and truth)
  • Relating to others (through joining or facilitating a relational network*)

28 Days of Establish the Family teaches:

DAY 1 – Forming Biblical Principles

DAY 2 – Facilitating the Holy Spirit’s Power

DAY 3 – Committed

DAY 4 – Responsibility

DAY 5 – Receiving from God Daily

DAY 6 – Strong and Solid

DAY 7 – Scripture

DAY 8  –  Understanding the Word

DAY 9 – Styles of Bible Study

Day 10 – Teaching

DAY 11 – Experience – The Holy Spirit

DAY 12 – Experience – Prayer

DAY 13 – Experience – Worship

DAY 14 – Wisdom

DAY 15 –Wisdom

DAY 16 – Resourcing the Family

DAY 17 – With Your Time

DAY 18 –  With your Talent

DAY 19 – With Your Treasure

DAY 20 – What does God say about the Tithe?

DAY 21 –  With your Truth

DAY 22 – Take Action

DAY 23 – A Truth about Obedience

DAY 24 – A truth About Faith

DAY 25 –  A Truth About Forgiveness

DAY 26 –  To Relate

DAY 27  –  Relational Networks.




At the completion of 28 Days of Establish the Family Devotional, each person is asked to sign an Establish the Family Promise:



As a committed disciple of Christ, I will allow God and the WorshipCentre Church family to help form my life through biblical principles and the power of the Holy Spirit.  I take responsibility for my personal growth by:


  • Receiving from God daily
  • Being part of a Relational Network*
  • Resourcing the WorshipCentre Church family and the community through my:

– time

– talent

– treasure

– truth



Once they have done so, they become part of the Committed of WorshipCentre which means they are:

  1. Part of a Relational Network,
  2. Tithing,
  3. Serving regularly

*A relational network is a group of people who connect regularly for authentic relationship. A guide to understanding if someone is in a relational network is the answer to these three questions:

  • Who would miss you if you weren’t at church?
  • Who would you call on in a time of need?
  • Who would you chat with when you have a God-question?

They may be:

  1. Ministry groups (eg; Bible study, mission team)
  2. Interest groups (eg; mums’ group, motorbike group)
  3. Service groups (eg; worship team, production team)
  4. Age groups (eg; youth, young adults)
  5. Accountability groups

Any occasion when people from WorshipCentre meet and build relationships. Relationships strengthen the Body as sinews and ligaments connected to the right bone and muscle do to an actual body.


It is at the signing of the promise that their details are updated if necessary and making sure their photo has been taken. Areas of serving are brought to their attention and also they are given a list of relational networks and more information about facilitating them. They are also asked to complete a feedback form.

If they are to have a new mentor, then a week before the finish of 28 Days of Establish the Family, the group/participants are introduced to the new mentor.

At the final mentoring session, they are released through prayer and then handed on to that new mentor.

All forms are collected for processing.

28 days of Establish the Family 2016